John Larroquette says he auditioned for TV’s most famous bartender role

You already know the bar where everyone knows your name. Now imagine someone other than Ted Danson pour the drinks and deliver the jokes. Jean Larroquette recount Parade that in the early 1980s he auditioned for the role of iconic baseball pitcher turned Boston bartender Sam Malone on the NBC sitcom 1982-93 Cheers. “I just … Read more

Cory Monteith’s roommate speaks out on post-‘Glee’ struggles

Cory Monteith seemed to have it all. The late actor was at the height of his fame in ‘Glee,’ but ultimately couldn’t overcome his drug and alcohol demons and died in 2013 of a drug overdose aged 31. saw two other castmates die young – was to blame. “I remember the kind of paparazzi following … Read more