National Tease’s new album featuring “Mrs. Bridgers”, “Taylor” and “Uncle Sufjan”

The National is teasing something new. Matt Berninger and co. took to social media to share a new teaser clip, which features the singer on a piano bench with a cup of coffee and a copy of the classic Mary Shelley novel Frankenstein. In the clip, Berninger turns to face the camera as a sparse piano line plays in the background.

The post also includes a link to a password-protected section of their website at As Stereogum points out, fans have already discovered that the password “EVIL FOREBODINGS” gives them access to a web page containing a short music video with the audio of two new songs.

The clip shows a static photo of an open book with text similar to Shelly’s original novel, but with a few key differences. The page is written in the style of a letter with a famous recipient: “To Mrs. Bridgers, England”; he also mentions people named “Taylor” and “Uncle Sufjan”.

The video is accompanied by clips of two new songs. The first clip features Berninger’s vocals over the same piano line included in their social media post, while the second features drum machine and guitar lines. To discover on the site of the group.

The National’s eighth studio album, I’m easy to find, was released in May 2019. Since then, they have collaborated with Bon Iver and the London Contemporary Orchestra on a song called “Weird Goodbyes”, remixed by Neu! classic “I’m Glück” and made an appearance – at least partially – on Taylor Swift’s 2020 album Folklore, with Bryan Devendorf, Aaron Dessner, and Bryce Dessner credited as contributors. Berninger also sings on the Still “Coney Island” duo.

Matt Berninger

The National’s Matt Berninger on the music that made it

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