Britney Spears Makes Huge Scene With Husband Watching At LA Restaurant

Britney Spears has been through a very complicated life, having meltdowns like the one last Friday might be more common than you think. The pop singer has struggled with mental health issues for many years due to the abuse she suffered from her father. She was under conservatorship which prevented her from accessing the money she was earning for almost two decades. In recent years, she finally found the courage to stand up to her father and got rid of the guardianship through legal means. Although this left a huge rift between her and her family, Britney can finally say that she feels like a free woman.

After finally breaking free from prison, Britney Spears has shown increasingly concerning erratic behavior across her social media. She often posts nude photos which caused problems with the family she left behind, her children and her husband. They try to get through life’s hurdles together, but husband Sam Asghari still fights with his wife from time to time. He just had one while on a date at JOEY Los Angeles restaurant on Friday night.

Britney’s Meltdown at JOEY Restaurant

There’s footage recovered by TMZ of the incident in which Britney Spears appears to be talking gibberish and storming out of the restaurant. It all happened after the couple arrived for dinner and fans quickly started taking pictures of her. Britney got angrier when people started filming her, prompting her to walk out of the place with her husband right behind her. This isn’t the first time Spears has behaved this way when fans get in her face, or the paparazzi too.

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